There once was a little man. So little, some would say he was a dwarf. He had a mustache and a beard like Santa or as them teenagers say, like Dumbledore! So this little man was short, looked like Dumbledore and wanted a reindeer. Normal man, isn't he? Anyway, one day he was walking down this long, winding road. Well, at his height it was more like waddling.

At the end of the road, he sat down and yelled:

"I hate my life!"

This cause a passerby to come over and ask him what was wrong.

The little man replied:

"My life."

The passerby thought he could not fix the obviously insane, little man's problems so he walked away. The little man looked at where the passerby has walked away and said:

"What a rude passerby! Tall and rude.Hmmph!"

After about five minutes of long, boring waiting he shouted:

"Why is no one helping me! They are all so mean!"

A passerby heard him and came over and asked:

"What is wrong? I can help!"

The little man stared at the very, extremely, super, un-natural tall man and said:

"OMFG! Your like Goliath dude!"

The little man kicked the passerby where it hurt and walked away.

The moral of this story is not to be scared to ask for help or even to not sit on long,winding, boring roads but the moral of this story is: Never make friends with small, not nice men who said "OMFG!"

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