I wrote this poem as part of my College's L&T (Language and Thinking) Program that preceeds Freshman Year by 3 weeks. Many thanks to Bach for her assistance in writing it. Flamefang 00:57, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

The World Through Freud-Colored Glasses

In all things, in all humanity

of all the vast array of emotions

none drive the world forward

quite so much as love and hate

For if love knows not hate

and hate knows not love

How can either one survive

without the gentle caress

of love's fair touch

Hate's glancing blows

would be lost in a sea of night

Without the searing sting

of hate's harsh might

love's healing touch

would be lost to the abyss

Love and hate

drive the very world yet

through cultures’ cold stare

a mask is worn forcing them down

driving them to the ground

To be seen and not heard

To be there but never spoken

Culture in all its glory

In all its strength

As knowledge flourishes

and instincts are sharpened

is this the truth that shines in the light

Or does the truth lie within

buried so deep where hate festers

behind walls so thin

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