Chors goddess of the moon by Linu

I looked up and saw the moon. After living for about a thousand years the moon was my only companion. It was always up there looking out for me. The moon has always been my friend and my enemy.

The moon leaves me all alone whenever I have a problem. He isn’t really a good friend you know. The moon though was the only things that never change. After centuries of living, everything I see wasn’t the way it used to be besides the moon.

The never ever changing moon sat at the clouds beside me. I asked if he have a crush on somebody but he never answered. The moon always avoids that question I wonder why? He’s probably too shy to answer. I laugh. I perfectly know who it is. The moon loves the sun! He’s always chasing her after all.

I flew towards the ground and admire the moon one last time and just before I disappear I saw the moon smile at me. The immortal girls smiles and leave the moon all alone. The immortal girl died the same night.

The moon was sad as it didn’t show itself for the whole month after the incident. The moon got into thinking. There was more than one girl/boy waiting for the moon to rise. There is someone else who wants to admire the moon. The moon remembered the girl’s words when she was talking about her brother.

“ I didn’t cry after he died because I know that someday we will meet each other again.”

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