Listen my children and you shall hear,

The legend best of all about that year.

The year of blood and of death and of sorrow,

And about three children who'll save that year

From the horrible ways in which it could borrow

Forever and ever in horrible Dust.

The dust of evil and darkness of Gods

Of that Land and Kingdom and Time.

So, if you're curious, let me start

And don't you dare interrupt even once.

Everything started that day in Winter,

On December 31st at 12 o'clock.

The snow was beating at the windows as hard as only hail could.

And, then when the King sent out,

One of his loyal servants to check it out,

To see if it was hail, or really snow,

And why was it beating so hard on the windows.

An hour passed, two hours passed, but there was no sign of the servant.

Curious, the King came out and saw the most devastating site.

His servant was standing - rooted to the spot and before him stood an Angel.

She was as beatiful and white as snow, but her face was as still as ice.

She was whispering something, something to his servant

And when King Arthur came up to them,

His servant turned violent with blood-filled eyes.

And killed his master as bloody as he could.

And there stood the devil, looking over the King's body

Smiling broadly and saying to himself

"A human has ought to know his place compared to us beings"

"He was so foolish, that even he, fell for my trap of shape"

"But then again, it's all for best, now I can rule at least"

"Over all these human amd magical fools, and do what I want to do."

And so the devil smiled and strode, dressed as King Arthur now.

And now he strode to the throne now his, sat there and smirked.

"Come here, his servant, and be mine from now on."

The servant came to her and turned to a devil, a devilish dog of a God

- A God who wanted nothing to do with Peace, but only wanted war.

Go before to: Thorns of Past (book)

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