Thorns of Past is a Fantasy, Fiction, and Science Fiction book by Erementar.



  • Urania Laveska
  • Jehan Misukoki
  • Thorn Orumga


  • Rosahangen Tulio
  • Sarasa Murakomo

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Yomi Tsukiyono
  • Kuonii Sayo
  • Akani Annagi
  • Surgo Hulmoron
  • Dorma Hulmoron
  • Normal Citizens
  • King Arthur The Fair (later called Kind Arthur the Bloody)
  • Queen Mira the Peaceful
  • Princess Lily the Kind
  • Prince Makedon the Wise
  • Monsters
  • Witches and Wizards
  • Elves
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Kuraragus



  • The Land of Omvra
  • Urusa Gintomahu Romrova Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Riahuaru Umusakiki


  • Yurusakaki Forest
  • The Forest of Time
  • Forest of Fear
  • Forest of Magic

Oceans, Seas, Lakes, and PondsEdit

  • Burgular Ocean
  • The Pond of Sorrow
  • Lovendera Sea
  • Truhemra Sea
  • Oruem Ocean
  • Tsiku Lake
  • Origami Lake
  • Pirovetta Pond


The time when this story happens is the year of 90745.

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