Three Words Is All It Takes


Words as cold as ice,

As sharp as the end of a blade.

Words you use on me,

And use to make me go insane.

Dragging me down,

On every deed I do.

Words which prove,

That I am good not enough for you.

Try so hard,

To gain your ever love.

He never tries,

But he gets it anyway.

I want to be love,

I want to be noticed.

I want a mother,

Not the demon which is in her place.

I want to be the perfect daughter,

But nothing I do is never good enough.

So here is my message for you,

That even after all those cold words.

The ones which insulted me,

Insulted my choices,

Insulted my love life,

Insulted my friendships,

Insulted my dreams,

Insulted my likes,

Insulted me.

That even though those words, these words,

Drew me to do things I regret.

Make me regret drinking,

But I do not stop.

Make me regret cutting,

But I do not stop.

Make me regret loving,

But I do not stop.

Make me regret crying,

But I do not stop.

Make me regret feeling,

But I do not stop.

And despite these ice cold dagger words,

Into my broken heart.

It only takes three simple words,

To tear my whole being apart.

Three words to cut me.

Three words to taunt me.

Three words to smirk at me.

Three words to kill me.

And so now it's my turn,

My turn to say what you tell me every second I'm near you...

I hate you

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