The Timeline for Hidden Secrets series of books is based around the time of 1800s to Modern Day. The Timeline holds much fiction in it, based around the times of the Civil War and World Wars I and II.

This Timeline is established to help readers understand how and where events took place within the series of stories.

Contents Edit

18th Century: 1788 | 1791 | 1796
19th Century: 1832 | 1862 | 1863 | 1864 | 1866 | 1868 | 1870 | 1873
1900s: 1910


  • April 15th: Ironwood is founded in West Virginia as a mining camp.
  • April 21st: Carter Foster is named the first official Mayor of the "Ironwood Mining Camp".


  • November 5th: Ironwood is declared, by the State of West Virginia, a township with the rights to a post office, a police station and a local fire department.
  • December 14th: Carter Foster dies of Black Lung Disease
  • December 25th: During a Christmas Party at the Town Square, Carlton Mathers is rescued from the forest after suffering from starvation. In thanks, he begins to start a church.


  • June 16th: Citizens of Ironwood discover that Mathers' church group is a cult. Angered, they burn down the church causing a massive fire. This would later be known as "The Great Iron Fire of 1796".
  • The Cult of the Watching Eye continues to meet outside of town near the Iron Mine.
  • Carlton Mathers is presumed dead, having been killed in the church and city fire.


  • March 25th: Salvatore Rose is born in Southern Italy.
  • The Cult of the Watching Eye reaches over 250 People.
  • Ironwood's first census is taken at 1,400 people.


  • April 17th Salvatore Rose, after working for three jobs at once for a year, manages to get a boat to America. Once arriving in New York Harbor, he is entered into the US Army to fight in the Civil War. He is entered in the 66th New York Infantry.
  • April 23rd: The 66th New York Infantry heads to West Virginia to strike Confederate Troops along the Union-Confederate Border.
  • April 31st: The surprise attack is a success and the 66th New York Infantry sets up base in a manor near the town of Ironwood.

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