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To leave. Infinitive. To plus a verb. Leave - to go, to desert. To not look back.

Me. Two letters. Pronoun. One syllable.

I don't want to follow you


I don't want to walk in your


I would rather leave than be


In the


Like You

But maybe stuckinthesand is

All I can do

At least I'm not a repeated


A page printed more than once

At least I have my morals

At least I have my opnions

Even If I am only a fragment in the broken window

Even if only a fragment who plays her

small,insignificant littlepart

So maybe I'm leaving,

Or maybe I'm staying right where I am

You won't know where I go;

You've no one to inform you

Maybe I don't have any friends

Maybe I am a speck of dust in the sky

But at least I do something other than be a



A page printed out more than once

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