Every year i the world of Gastion the evil dictator sends 4 children from every city to complete in the Cage Games. You are trapped in a cage, and must find a way out before the refs or somebody who is out of their cage kills you. The more you kill, the farther you are. When young Fiona Trufflet is picked from her town, everyone is sure she will die. Will Fiona win the games, or die at the hands of a knife?

Chapter 1Edit

Fiona Trufflet was dying. Her parents were very ill due to plauge and now at only 11 she needed to care for 10 younger siblings. In Gastion, if you're married you must have one child each year. When they turn 3 they can be taken from the crowds and brought to the Cage Games.

In 8 years, Fiona had never been picked. Her skin was pale, her hair was aburn and her eyes were gray. She was frail, because she barely ate, having to feed her brothers and sisters. Once, her mother had twins. At 3, one was sent to the Cage Games. The young girl (named Isabel) died within the first day.

When the Picker came, all children between the ages of 3 and 18 lined up. She looks carefully at every one. First, she picks Fiona's brother Triton, who much stronger than Fiona at 8.

Then came her sister Emily, who was four. Emily had been Isabel's twin. Fiona wondered why it was all her family, and hoped one of them would win and bring one other home.

Then, the Picker's hand grabbed her. Fiona was clearly as frail and weak as Emily. The

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