Today you brought me happiness

Today you said those three words

I wish this day won't end

I wish today will continue forever

Those were the words she said before she left me. I never took her words seriously, not wanting to believe that her life would end in a flash of light. Now she's gone. Now I'm all alone. Her parents didn't allow me to even attend her funeral, they shun me away. They didn't even let me say goodbye.

I remember her brown eyes staring at me, calling my name. She recited those words, I said what I knew she would really love to hear. I told her I love her. I remember her smile it was the last thing that I saw before she left me

"Archie." I looked around and saw Joy's little sister. She was wearing an all black clothing. Her eyes were red from crying. There was a letter on her hands. She hand them to me.

"Joy wrote that. She said to give it to you when something happen to her." I opened the envelop and there I found a letter. It was clearly Joy's hand writing.

"I love you forever more

Nothing will change these feelings

Don't let death be the reason

Don't you ever dare give up

Live your life for me"

I don't care what they call me because I'm crying because of a poem. But I knew one thing I have never love someone like her. She changed my life. She change me and even though now that she's gone I will never forget her .

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