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I sat on the beach, the wind whipping through my hair, the feeling of being alone sinking in deep. I'd felt this before- but it had never been like this. I'd always beens sad...but this was more than sad...

I clutched the silver necklace in my callused palms. It was the one I had given her, the one I had clasped around her neck myself...

Suddenly the heart shape locket was wet. A miniature puddle formed on the metallic surface, my single caramel-hazel eye glowing back at me. I put my hand to my face and caressed my eyes. As I suspected: tears.

I buried the locket in my hand, gripping it tight. The silver chain ran in and out of my fingers, as my hot breathe turned the locket dry.

Tears dripped from my face onto my chest. My heart beat slowly inside of me. Dropping the locket in to the sand, I pulled the knife out of my pocket. It gleamed like glass in the light of sun. It's edge was enough to kill me.

One cut. That's all it took. One cut to turn the sand red, to take me away from this world. There was nothing left for me here- no love, no happiness, no anything. All I had to do was take away that layer of flesh skin...

I lowered the blade. The cold metal touched down on my skin, sending a tingle through my body. As the knife touched my wrist I started to remember. I could see her face in my mind, those dark eyes that are so beautiful. Her hair flipped over shoulder, and I could hear my name escaping her lips in desperation and fear...

There was a small prick of pain, and I dropped the knife. A small speck of blood spurted ffrom a single lifted piece of skin on my wrist. I sucked the blood clean from the wound and stood.

My mind was made up. I couldn't kill myself. No matter how much everything was in ruins. Despite her being so far away, she was so close in my heart. Killing myself would hurt her, probably more than it would hurt me.

I scopped the knife off the ground...and threw it out into the ocean. There it was- a door to death, gone in the black water.

Picking up the silver chain, I opened the glistening heart. A smooth picture was set in it- her and I, eating Chinese food, as friends...just friends.

A tear turned the picture soggy, and I quickly closed the heart, placing it on my own. As the sun set behind me, I closed my eyes, the image of her reamaining with me forever...

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