(A/N:I'm new to this wiki, so if my story is THAT bad..... try to tell me nicely,please?)

She ran home crying.

Tripping over her own feet, she picked herself up again and ran again.

The jeers of her tormentors paraded in her mind.

"Nobody cares about you.

You should just die!

You're god's only mistake."

When she got home, she raced upstairs.

"When I do this, I won't have to live through hell anymore.", she thought.

Her hands ripped the sheet.

"No one will even care."

She tied it around the cable that connected it to the light, and made sure it was strong and sturdy.

"Think of never seeing their ugly faces ever again."

She stepped on the chair, and pulled the noose around her neck.

"I'll see mama again."

Closing her eyes, the girl stepped off.

Her tormentors were shocked.

They whispered to one another,saying that they were only having fun.

Guilt washed over them.

But it was too late to care.

The deed was done, and they couldn't turn back time.

Sarah had killed herself.

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