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Your face is an image that will be burned into the back of my mind forever,

a constant reminder of what was not, and never will be.

Your eyes, their gaze I will always be afraid to meet,

you see right through me, so I fear you will literally stare daggers at me.

You stand, a living monument to my greatest scorn,

my strength was tattered, and my heart torn.

However, you're one of the few I can't seem to hate,

though now when I see you, I just seem to hesitate.

I was angry at first, but now I see,

there was no way there could be a "you and me".

You're one of those types I don't understand,

but knowin this has made me a better man.

There's no way we could make the pieces fit,

and I'm findin it hard to deal with that shit.

Though now I get, it's now clear to me,

even though you make me feel topsy-turvey, we'll just never be....

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