First there is Hope.


Always there.

So energetic.

Never leaving my side.

Waiting for me...

Then there is Joy.

So amazing.

Always cheering me up.

Putting a smile on my face.

Allowing me to understand her,

Letting me love her...

But then there's Heart.

Making me laugh.

Never failing to cheer me up.

Helping me get through my day

Seeming to be able to see into my heart

With those beautiful eyes...

These three

They form this triangle

This triangle

Of my heart

Of my love

Splitting it into pieces

Never allowing me to control it

I can never find the right path

At this fork in the road

Who to choose

I can't just forget


That's too hard

I could never forget them

It's like I love them

But I hate them

For making me feel like this

But then I love them

for making me feel like this

And I can't decide

I might never be able to decide

For this thing

This shape

This formation

This triangle

Is to sharp for me

To sharp

Always piercing

My heart....

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