You say you have true friends?

Prove it to me.

There aren't much of them, actually.

Most people who're called friends are no more than demons.

Vampires, leeches, blood suckers, ghosts.

They wear the image of your friend,

Pretend to be one, yet...

The only reason they stick around is because they need your flesh.

They want power, they want strength.

They need you to be their helpless shield -

The one, who's foolish and will protect them....

Ruining your life in the end.

You want to find out what 'true friend' means?

It's something that's almost extinct.

True friends will stay by your side when there's danger,

And fight even if that means death.

You must love each other, protect each other,

Share secrets, without no doubt.

A 'true friend' will stick with you when you need help,

And you should do that, too.

(well, I learned that from life only true friends are my siblings ._.)

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