You can't sleep piecefully when you know the truth,

You can't,


You can't,

Unless it is good truth,

Beautiful truth,

Which is mostly dead by now,

Which is endangered,

Which can't be found so easily,

Because ugly,



Which stabs you by the moment you get to know it.


That ugly one,

Is annoying,

And you want to hide it from anyone,

Even yourself.

You hate it.

It hates you back.

It is no friend,

It is a thing that will kill you,

In the end.

That ugly truth,

Is like an eagle searching for pray,

And if you accidentally let go of it,

It will kill the one,

It will kill the one who will be in it's way,

It will kill the one who will be in it's way,

It will kill,


Even itself,

If it is,

In it's way...

(eh... sorry for the lame poem... I just LOVE writing poems..... and i'm not so good at writing them...)

(._. ) comment plz....

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