Legend tells that the Tuatha de Danann, children of Nemed from the Four Kingdoms of the North came to Ireland as conquerors. They came in dark clouds and destroyed the Fir Bolg that ruled Ireland, fighting under the banner of King Nuada, the Silver-armed King. Three times they fought at the plains of Magh Tureadh, first to destroy the Fir Bolg and then to repel the Fomorians. The third time they were not as lucky, for under the reign of the brothers Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht and Mac Gréine, they were conquered by the Milesians. Mac Cuill and Mac Cecht refused to bow down to the Milesians, but Mac Gréine received a magical map from a mysterious traveller that showed evidence of a legendary world - Tir na Nog, a land of elves and dragons, leprechauns and pookas, centaurs and boggarts, a land with no king full of adventure and danger. Mac Gréine knew that this was the destiny of the Tuatha to find Tir na Nog and rule it. But the Milesian fleet surrounded them and Tir na Nog seemed far, far away from Ireland's shores.

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