"Nice to met you."

I love creating characters, she's another hero.I wonder If I could get in trouble because I got the idea for her after replaying one of my favorite games, Fossil Fighters. the picture is from the game.

'First a random human , then a beastmen , then my own experiment, and now a member of my own race!"-Mephiosauria

"I'm just your average girl Alan, I want to go shopping, kick a guys ass, and marry a cute guy."-Tyrana


She was Mephosauria's Daughter. Soon after she Hatched he noticed that she (Like others being born at the time) was very different from the rest of her race if you compare, . He then arranged to send her(And the children that looked like them) to a random planet to be taken care of by some one else Naturaly "Random planet" automaticly means "earth" and . she landed on earth and was raised by a centaur and a an succumbus (Sample Stories to see how this works) noticing that she was physicly stronger than most living on this earth, she became a hero. 

She works with Black Mask most of the time. However she is still capable of hadling anything on her own. She has a crush on Alan Wesk AKA Black Mask


Naturaly stronger than most life on earth and has great acrobatics skill. However she is cold-blooded, so she cannot handle cold weather.

Also has a unique ablity to go into a "Bezerk mode' where she acts and fights animalisticly.

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