Is there anything left of the fire in her eyes

or is everything we've had been tragically compromised?

Though the curtains all have closed, we've taken the final bow

I don't think I'll ever love her as much as I do right now.

She let me know our time had passed, that that ship had sailed,

becoming an everlasting reminder of a love most doomed to fail.

I've tried to go on, I've done what I can, with myself I cannot live,

Is there anything more to her sinful gaze, or am I walking in a mindless daze. I'm so confused and I don't know

what to do, would it have been so hard to say "I love you too"? What the hell is happenening to me? I mean,

I'm sitting here writning poetry, of a love that's been always unrequited, and I may not ever be again excited

over anything that I should be, baecause I know she no longer has love for me......

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