Chapter 1Edit

The unicorn paused at the edge of the crystal clear water and slowly bent down for a taste of its healing waters. As she drank, she could feel the cold water flowing down her throat, awakening her weary senses. Despite this moment of seeming rest, her ears were priced, always listening for the sounds of danger and her long graceful legs always ready to take her away to safety.

The water tasted so sweet, but she could not afford a longer rest. The ancients were calling for her. She was to make her way to the old castle on the cliffs as quickly as possible. An important meeting was being held, and she was chosen to bring the reports from the Western Woods. In all, five representatives had been chosen. One for each region of the land. It was Athensia's (Ah-then-si-ah) task to represent her home, the Western Woods, home to the last of the unicorns.

Together these reports would help decide the fate of all mystical creatures. The evil Lord Malteche (mall-teck) has been freed from his stone prison, and was once again on the move and plotting to either control all that is magic and mystical in the land. What he could not control, he would surely either destroy, imprison or enslave. With Malteche free and slowly regathering his forces and long forgotten allies, his powers would soon follow, and in a matter of months, possibly weeks, no mystical creature in the kingdom would be safe.

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