I must appologize for two things, one, not being able to be on here. Two, not being able to help. I've mainly been occupied by forgetfullness, CHBRPW, homework, other projects, and life. Recently I've decieded to be more active. Mainly because I want to see everyone who doesn't come on to CHBRPW anymore (or didn't in the first place), secondly because I got a new idea for a story, and finally is related to the blog name.

You could say I'm starting to go through a depression.

I'm not thinking sucide, but I'm just sad at other things.

Yesterday a fellow student of mine took her life. Today, a fellow member of my cross country team was hospitalized when he was spiked (stabbed by the sharp spikes on the bottom of running shoes, they're metal, sharp, and often dirt covered, not something you want being stabbed with) purposly out of the fact that one person hated our team. That's just a footnote in a week. Every week thousands die. War, starvation, prostitution, drugs, cancer, sickness, murder, and more.

It makes you depressed.

That, and I'm understanding less and less in life. Maybe it's because I'm 16, and I'm in high school, but everything is starting to sound the same.

Just saying. -AuRon

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