aka Avetzan1

  • I live in The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Student, Sixth Form
  • I am Male
  • Avetzan1

    I know that King usually makes the writing contests around here but I won't be basing mine the same way, so you can do more than one competition per month! (This also allows King to participate in contest)

    Hopefully this can help make people even better writers, if possible, and give some a challenge to their creativity.

    Instead of being based on a certain theme to write about, as King's competition is, this competition will be about including certain wordings, sentences and circumstances into the story, poem or other form of literature to earn points.

    Please do not be put off by the length of the rules or precepts as they are deceptively simple. The rules are mostly just common sense.

    These will only be edited if found with flaws.

    1. The entries …

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