Oh, look, it's a blog post! Oh, look, cello's on!


Well, all joking aside, I've got something to share with you all.

Do you like writing? (Of course you do.)

Do you have no motivation because there is no deadline in writing a novel? (that's me. And even when there's a deadline I tend to just leave it until the last minute. DON'T DO IT. IT'S A REALLY BAD THING.)

Do you just want to see what I have to say because I'm asking you all these ridiculous questions?

Oh ok.

Uh, yes.

Well, I found something that's quite interesting.

It's a site (or activity, however you may call it) called NaNoWriMo, which is shortened as "National Novel Writing Month."

It starts in November, and you go on and sign up and you write your novel for a whole month! You don't edit, you don't go back and read what you've wrote, you just write, write, write for an entire month!

The goal is, I think, around 50,000 words?

So yes, as they put it, it's literally "A month of literary abandon!"

THe website is here:

Rules, regulations, stuff like that, is all right there.

If y'all decide to join, give me your username so I can add you guys and we can all (kind of) suffer together to achieve a greater good!

Signing off, --Cello freak 22:14, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

PS: If you have a NaNoWriMo account already, my username is cello freak.

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