• Dagostino


    June 7, 2011 by Dagostino

    I just realized something!!!! I've been doing anagrams cuz i was bored, and guess what an anagram of my name is?!


    its so freakin creepy!

    You guys should see what some anagrams of your user name are. Post the worst one as a comment.

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  • Dagostino

    Hey, so recently (as in the past week) I started reading the hunger games. Its seriously one of my favorite books ever, and im already almost done with mockingjay. But im already thinking of stories to write about. I went to go make a hunger games fanfiction but apparently one was already made. and angel, bard, and some other users already joined it! There's only 50 pages, and no one goes on much, so I think i want to get more people to join it to make a good community! Join if you wanna make a story!

    anyways, here is the link :D The Hunger Games Fanfiction

    (Tell me if you think I should move this post to a different wiki since this one isnt fanfiction)

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  • Dagostino

    Ideas Anyone?

    April 3, 2011 by Dagostino

    Hey, my name's Dagostino, and I'm new to this wiki. I was originally at PJFFW, but now I'm on this one too. So I have a couple questions.

    1: Does this wiki do collabs and use SI / OC's? If so, does anyone want to do a collab?

    2: Is there a chat for this wiki, or do you guys not want one because of what happened on the PJFFW?

    Also, if you have any ideas, please comment and tell me some! I'd be happy to collab with anyone or be a beta for someone!

    D'agostinoΦΩΨAurelius 23:00, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

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