This is a discussion area for the collab I have created, "Siege From Within", a sci-fi adventure. Please feel free to post an ideas or questions you have. -Drace556

Ideas and Theories

1. The Wellonian galaxy in itself is named after a half-human, half-alien star navigator named Tryphena Wellonia. Whether or not she will play a major role in the development of the story has yet to be seen.

2. Reesa and Arthur's parents, whom were scientist for the OSC, were killed when unknown assailants sabotaged the controls on their flying vessel. Their younger brother, Tom, is a cadet in Garrin's Defensive Force, battling to make a name for himself from underneath his brother's and sister's shadows. Meanwhile, their younger sister, Vanessa, is being raised under foster care by an OSC-sponsored family, the Loks, who were once close friends of their parents.

4. Chett Lambda is a fanatic intern for the OSC and the bumbling assistant to Arthur C. Marr. Helping him cover investigations featuring the Children of Delphic (CoD) or the Ophanitor Confederacy (OC), at least when he's not on breaktime.

5. The OC is a strong, but also little and very aggresive, nation that grew in both size and strength outside the watchful eyes of the OSC. Hailing from a planet of slightly-violet hominids called Uleila IV, they sought to reconstruct the order of their home planet from the way it was run by the advanced OSC in earlier times. Burgeoning a hard grudge of resistance and conquest, they sought to stop the OSC in its actions but sent only minor attacks (due to both their small power and size many years ago).

A foolish maneuver it was, especially due to the fact that in secrecy the Confederacy was expanding in territory and strength while the OSC still had their backs turned. Operating in private, they eventually met the Children of Delphic, who had likewise ideals about intolerance and resistance towards the OSC as well as thoughts about a "superior" government for the galaxy in its stead. forming an infamous truce, they became space partners though barely revealing their relationship to all but a few of their senior leaders or to future victims of the events to follow.

As of now, it remains unknown whether or not they truly wish for the same goals as the CoD or are simply manipulating them for even darker plans. But what can be said is that they are not something for the OSC to ever underestimate again.

6. The Silver Tempest crew playing a larger role in the story, either helping the OSC or creating their own faction against the CoD.

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