Woohoo! December's finally here, meaning in a couple of weeks most students will have a two week holiday! The snow (hopefully), the carols streaming through the radio, and a ton of Christmas decorations being sold! Christmas trees, Christmas lights, high-prices! But most of all, the time to spend with family and friends, relaxing for a couple of days to enjoy lots of good food and presents. Times for adult family members to forgive each other offenses, or maybe make new ones after drinking a bit too much booze.

Who doesn't like holidays? There's a special cheer and air about whenever they come rolling in. Personally, I love Christmas and New Year most, mostly because of that special tree, the presents, and the strange but enjoyable music. In some countries, this is a time to remember the most interesting events, or to hear the president speak his resolutions for the upcoming year. Either ways, it's a time to make new decisions, and say goodbye to some of our opinions (sometimes).

One would think Christmas might represent birth, others would think it would represent merriness, others might think it represents loneliness (people are different, sure), but I think what would be suitable for 2014 December contest, hosted temporarily by me for month, is something more sophisticated.

The prompt is thus: individual bonds.

This can be about anything, some ideas might include loyalty, family ties, etc. It's really up to you guys. Can't wait to see how it goes!

- Drac



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