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    The Epic Reviews

    November 27, 2011 by DragoonFlareJR

    So, you see. I love writing, but right about now I am in the middle of a writers block. I got nothing, except some fanfiction ideas. So basically, i thought it would be really awesome to get some people together and review stories/poems or whatever.

    • DragoonFlareJR
    • Comiclove
    • Angel Wings
    • Dagostino

    Basically we will be reviewing grammar, plot, dialogue, description, and all the qualities that make a good story.

    We will be reviewing on a scale of A-F. Just like school people. We'll say our dislikes and likes and explain where you could use improvement.

    1. Only one story per user at a time.
    2. If it's a multiple chapter story, I am not guaranteeing that we will read the entire thing. Depends on the reader.
    3. Do not pester us to review your story. We have lives …

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