So, you see. I love writing, but right about now I am in the middle of a writers block. I got nothing, except some fanfiction ideas. So basically, i thought it would be really awesome to get some people together and review stories/poems or whatever.


  • DragoonFlareJR
  • Comiclove
  • Angel Wings
  • Dagostino

What Am I reviewing?

Basically we will be reviewing grammar, plot, dialogue, description, and all the qualities that make a good story.


We will be reviewing on a scale of A-F. Just like school people. We'll say our dislikes and likes and explain where you could use improvement.


  1. Only one story per user at a time.
  2. If it's a multiple chapter story, I am not guaranteeing that we will read the entire thing. Depends on the reader.
  3. Do not pester us to review your story. We have lives too.


TIS ME THE AWESOME DRAGOON 00:28, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

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