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  • DronesFoul

    Hello there, this for anyone that's interested in my new Collab story: Shadow of a Dream, as well as adding anything to it.

    From here, you can write out ideas that can expand the fiction of the story. I can't wait to see what you all create! "Great minds think alike," after all ;D

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  • DronesFoul

    The Poll idea!!

    April 11, 2014 by DronesFoul

    Hey everyone, DronesFoul the noob here, since this is my first blog post, I would like to bring to mind what I believe to be a nice topic to discuss, the emergence of a poll here on this wiki.

    The reason why this came up is because before I reached this wiki, I stumbled upon another wiki - though I forgot its name - that had the same theme about writing. However, what it had that this one doesn't is a poll about different genres. So I was wondering if we could pull such a thing off too. In doing so it could allow us to express ourselves more freely and make things a little more fun around here. What do you think?? :P

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