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August Winner and Sept. One-Shot Contest

Karikamiya September 8, 2013 User blog:Karikamiya

August One-Shot Contest Winner: Edit

The Island by TheReturnOfTheKing

Comments of the judges:Edit

You were able to capture the theme 'Discovery/Exploration" real well.  We look forward to your next stories.

September One-shot contest: MemoriesEdit

Rules Edit

  • One entry per user.
  • Deadline of submission is on Oct. 5,2013
  • The story should only contain one chapter and must be finished before Oct.5
  • The story should have the category [October Contest 2013]
  • The story should have been created only on the month of September, old works are not allowed.
  • You can't enter a story written by another User.
  • One you won thrice in a row, you can't enter the contest next month.

Apply to be a judgeEdit

Just comment below to apply as a judge.

September Featured Article/UserEdit

Featured ArticleEdit

  • First Crisis 

Featured UserEdit

  • Serpent King

Vote For Oct. Featured Article/User

Nominaterd Article

  •  Demileague 

Nominated User

  • Shisaac

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