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  • I live in a box
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is writing, reading, drawing
  • I am mayonese
  • Leftodile-Doodle

    The December theme this year is: Melancholy. If you wish to join, please submit your work before January 5th!


    • One entry per user
    • Deadline of submission is on January 5,2014
    • The story should only contain one chapter
    • The story should either inform that it is written for the contest on the page, be submitted in the comments, or have the category [December Contest 2013]
    • The story should have been created only on the month of December - old works are not allowed.
    • You can't enter a story written by another User.


    Okay, since nobody wants to judge I guess I'm on my own...

    I liked all the stories very much - each one of them had it's own sense of melancholy. Log Out, Yes,…

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  • Leftodile-Doodle

    Lack of Admins

    November 11, 2013 by Leftodile-Doodle

    Okay, so hello guys! This is my first blog since I entered the wikia! :D Wahoo~

    .*cough* *cough* Anyways, to the point....

    I have come to realize that this is a great wikia, full of friendly people and awesome articles. But there is a problem: lack of admins. I mean, only Dracula, King, Serpent, Shisaac, Hero, and I are active. None of us are admins. Even though normal wikians can do a lot of stuff, admins are needed to keep order. So, I say, why not make on of the users an admin, like TheReturnOfTheKing, or DraculaFan? They have both been here for quite a long time, and are experienced citizens. What do YOU say? Do you agree? Please, reply and have a good day. :D

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