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  • Lunaspuffle

    I didn't know.

    I thought I heard something, like a gunshot, I wanted to know.

    So I climbed over the fence.

    I've seen this place before everyday when I went to school. I never gave it much thought.

    But today was different, after all, when do you ever hear a gunshot in your neighberhood?

    I scrambled over the fence and heard voices. A man and a girl, who seemed very serious.

    "You know you shouldn't have shot him." the man said.

    "Oh shut up, you know that you would do the same." the girl snapped back.

    I shifted towards the open door and a saw a chair covered in blood.

    On the floor there was a man, facedown, lying in the pool of blood. I nearly scream

    "There's someone out there." the man said.

    "I'll go check." the girl said.

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  • Lunaspuffle


    April 14, 2012 by Lunaspuffle

    Happy Birthday to me~

    Happy Birthday to me

    In just two more days

    It'll be April 15th~

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  • Lunaspuffle


    March 25, 2012 by Lunaspuffle

    I close my eyes

    and I see myself in a white space

    I close my eyes again


    I fall

    Standing up straight and falling backwards

    calm and falling

    I backflip so my head is in front

    like a torpido

    as I reach the floor

    time stops

    so I don't die

    I can't imagine what

    would happen if I ever died

    my friends, my family

    even my brother.

    Such a long fall...

    But I never reach the bottom

    this is where my feelings can lie

    my daydreams

    my life

    my stories

    my ideas

    here in the wikia

    Creativity Unleashed

    Where everyone can see

    the poetry


    and ideas that I have

    Long Live

    The Wikia

    Of creativity!

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    The Forgotten Death

    March 18, 2012 by Lunaspuffle

    There were once three girls that always walked home from school.

    A musician, an animal lover, and a very thin girl.

    The musican anf the animal lovers talked to each other while crossing the street. The thin girl was always out, sorting her thoughs.

    One day, the wind blared in the girls faces and the rain splattered everywhere like blood.

    The two girls tried to get through the rain, and one was behind the two.

    A car raced towards the two girls, unable to see what was ahead.

    Blood exploaded everywhere with a body on the street and the car raced away and didn't stop.

    The surviors screamed in horror as their friend lied on the floor, lifeless.

    They called 911 and tried to do everything they could to save the dead one.

    Doctors came and carryed the girl …

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  • Lunaspuffle

    The Universe

    March 6, 2012 by Lunaspuffle

    What is the universe made of?

    It is made up of ideas and dreams.

    Each TV show, each book, each Movie, each thought.

    Is it's own planet within.

    The more popular it is the more people can see it.

    Each is seen in a way that is different.

    Only the person who created it can see the whole thing.

    Each simple idea or dream

    private or public

    Each has a place where it belongs

    in the universe beyond the reach of your hand

    only to be seen by the thoughts and imagination

    If each thought and dream

    every idea or story

    was made by the images of humans

    who created humans?

    Are we the lords

    unaware of who we are


    were we created by an alien

    seen or unseen

    the mysteries of the universe

    who knows what will happen?

    Does no one know?

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