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Today i'm suppose to go biking,

But my dad won't wake up,

I wack him with my pillow

I jump onto his head,

I squirt him in the face,

until he wakes up,

and when he finally does,

he tells me to take a shower,

after the shower,

he tells me to do the laundry,

after I do the laundry,

he tells me to clean my room,

after I didn't clean my room,

he yells at me to do it,

after I actually do it,

he starts to go to the shower,

after the shower,

he watches tv,

while he watches tv,

puts a pillow on his head,

sing a song,

draw on his face,

eat my dinner,

'till he finally gets off the couch,

then he says it's too late,

with a drawn cat on his face,

and goes back to sleep,

with me dumping water on his head.

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