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The Little Assasonator

I didn't know.

I thought I heard something, like a gunshot, I wanted to know.

So I climbed over the fence.

I've seen this place before everyday when I went to school. I never gave it much thought.

But today was different, after all, when do you ever hear a gunshot in your neighberhood?

I scrambled over the fence and heard voices. A man and a girl, who seemed very serious.

"You know you shouldn't have shot him." the man said.

"Oh shut up, you know that you would do the same." the girl snapped back.

I shifted towards the open door and a saw a chair covered in blood.

On the floor there was a man, facedown, lying in the pool of blood. I nearly scream

"There's someone out there." the man said.

"I'll go check." the girl said.

Yeah, this is from Taking Flight Wikia.

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