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I owe all of you an apology and an explantation.

A.) Apology: I haven't been totally truthful to you guys. I decided to be cautious at first, in case my mom's claims were right and you were all… well, mean. But you're not! So I'm revealing the whole truth.

B.) Explantation: My name is Julia Grace. I DO live in USA, but I'm homeschooled. Also, I have parental controls. (Extremely embarrassing, but I said I'd reveal the whole truth. ) Since I'm enrolled in a curriclulumn that sends me my school books and provides my schedule online, I also take e-classes. You go online and get onto a java web-page that lets the teacher speak to you through a mike and draw on the screen. The only reason I'm able to get on here is because my account doesn't let me get on the e-class, for some reason. Therefore my mom has to log me into her account for them. (No parental controls on her account…duh.) I can only get on from 9-10 and 10:30-11:30 on every day of the week, except Friday (and of course weekends) , when my 9:00 is at 1:00 PM. Otherwise Moodle would have some one on with him occasionally. I saw that he was on at about 8:30, my time. I would definitely be on by then.

There it is…

❤PiperMclean 13:55, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

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