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  • Serpentking

    Halloween is just around the conner ladies and gentlemen, So I decided that I might have a little contest of sorts. I know we are all used to different story writing contest, but I thought that maybe we could have a contest that requires a character profile.

    Now, Here are the rules

    1) As the contest is in halloween, The characters have to be based on a monster, or folktale ect.

    2) The profile must be detailed, things such as age, gender, and a photo making it look like a wikipeida page would certainly make you more likely to win

    3) You cannot use an already published character page

    4) To avoid the "Twilight problem" whatever type of monster your character is cannot be without weakness (Also they can't sparkle if a vampire)

    5) They must be done b…

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  • Serpentking

    Alright, I got this Idea yesterday, considering all the work I have (And of course, most of the people who have work on Serpentine Servant) put a lot of time and effort into my fictional world, and to be honest it's been some of the best fun I've had in a long time. Then I had a thought, what if I just fell in some where in Manvadrasia? Then I thought about what would happen if my fellow writers here had that happen too them, and thus this contest was born.

    So now with that long intro; here are the rules.

    1. Your stories must not crossover with any active story in the universe. (they can take place around the same time, but they must not interact.)

    2. It must have you being in an established location (i.e. Ivore, Dunlisk, The Ashlands.) howev…

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  • Serpentking

    Hello everyone, I decided to make a blog for the collab story Serpentine Servant. As a collab where anyone on the wiki is allowed to write on. I am the great (Yet very lazy) mastermind of the story, and other users have made it into a more labrithian story than I expected.

    this blog is for any questions you have about the world and story, just ask below and I will get to you as soon as possible. Remember that it's first come first serve to write a chapter, and that you Must try to finish it yourself. also make sure it does not contradict what was written in the other chapters.

    If you need any help on the world of the story read Sample stories, any questions about that you can also ask here.

    Thank you for reading --Eternal Serpent King 17:42, Jun…

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  • Serpentking

    Thank you guys for making me featured user! because I have alot of fun writing my stories here i belevie i should celebrate my farvorite story that i have written the title pending Sample Stories (aside from First Crisis, but since me and shissac are writting it togethor i hesitant to call it mine soley) so to celebrate I would like you guys to write a short story taking place in the sample stories world, (since my heroes also live in that world, you can use them.) Think of it like writing for a comic book company. i hope you guys like it and i look foward to your stories

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