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March 7, 2011
  • SirMoodletonofCanadia

    Again, I hate to say this but I gtg from this wiki until I "get my grades up". I recently got back my Saturday School Math test and I got a 42%. Now that might sound like I'm a terrible student but trust me, I'm not. The whole math test was soley about high school math that I only half understood and on top of that I'm not even in high school yet! I'm only in grade 8!!! My mom's really asian and she was expecting at least 80% so imagine how happy she was when I got a 42%. I doubt I'll can come back here, seing as the tests are so hard as hell. So I'd just like to say goodbye, and thank you to everyone on this wiki for well....just being there. Damn I'll miss this place for sure but I'll try to sneak on when I can. But in the meantime, goodb…

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  • SirMoodletonofCanadia


    September 26, 2011 by SirMoodletonofCanadia

    I regret to say that I'm leaving this wiki (Might sneak here sometimes). You may be wondering why. The reason I'm leaving this wiki is because I failed one Chinese test, got a 73%, and so my mom banned me from wikia. I don't know you all but I know a lot of you and to name a few, Farewell angel, tpyle, soa, piper, etc. As I write this, tears are actually trickling down my cheek and I know I might not talk to any of you ever again. So again, goodbye.

    P.S. I ask of you, admins, not to touch Decline of Light or The Hunt. I will sneak some time to write. And my ideas for them are good.

    Mom changed her mind!

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  • SirMoodletonofCanadia

    So after making my own version of LOTR's beginning, I had an idea. Who wants me to make more stories like that except put my twist on it? So if you guys want me to make a version of your favourite story, just tell me or comment. I will not do the whole series. Only the beginning or prologue or first chapter.

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  • SirMoodletonofCanadia

    Not really actually. But today is good Saturday for me. Not really. It's just I beat KH 358/2 Days after getting whipped over and over. I finally creamed Xion and beat riku and have finished da game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT XION!!!! I PWNED YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!! YOUR A n00b (Not really 'cause her final form killed me a gazillion times)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No offence to Xion fans.

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  • SirMoodletonofCanadia

    So. I was just thinking and I realized, everyone on this wiki reminds me of someone at my school. It s'all randomish... Of course there'd me more boys but most of you are girls so yeah... And I appoligize to my classmates or people I randomly know for putting their names here.

    So here's the list:

    PiperMclean reminds me of a classmate of my named Jenny.

    PuppyLove reminds me of some random girl in a younger grade named Rachel.

    PerseusJackson reminds me of my friend Anson.

    Tpyle reminds me of a girl in my grade named Sydney.

    Rebc29 reminds me of my other classmate, Suzie.

    Bard reminds me of my friend Eric (Bard eric, Eric, get it?).

    Angel reminds me of someone in Grade... uh.... 6 i think named Angel.

    Mary Joyce reminds me of (for some reason) Anirudh…

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