So. I was just thinking and I realized, everyone on this wiki reminds me of someone at my school. It s'all randomish... Of course there'd me more boys but most of you are girls so yeah... And I appoligize to my classmates or people I randomly know for putting their names here.

So here's the list:

PiperMclean reminds me of a classmate of my named Jenny.

PuppyLove reminds me of some random girl in a younger grade named Rachel.

PerseusJackson reminds me of my friend Anson.

Tpyle reminds me of a girl in my grade named Sydney.

Rebc29 reminds me of my other classmate, Suzie.

Bard reminds me of my friend Eric (Bard eric, Eric, get it?).

Angel reminds me of someone in Grade... uh.... 6 i think named Angel.

Mary Joyce reminds me of (for some reason) Anirudh, a boy (Well, I don't know why?).

Cello reminds me of another person in Grade 6 named Soulbin who plays the violin well.

Leafwhisker reminds me of a girl in my grade named Cindy.

And ME!!!!!! I remind myself of ME!!!!!!!!!

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