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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Okay, we have a problem. The last two contests had no entries completed on time, thus rendering both invalid. Procrastination must take the blame, as must all the entrants, myself included. This time, that's not gonna happen. This is the new year, and what better time to finally get our stuff together and get to work?

    In that spirit, I propose this contest's theme be: There's no time like the present.

    As usual, interpret however you want, finish by the end of the month, feel free to help judge, etcetera, don't procrastinate, do a great job and have fun!

    UPDATE: I've decided due to the lack of entries that if nothing is submitted before 12:00 AM January 26th, all entries started afterwards will be disqualified. We've only got a week left, folk…

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    My only excuse is procrastination :P

    So, hey, guys! It's November, somewhere between autumn and winter when the skies are grey and the trees are bare, but that magical winter snow remains elusive. It's a dark month indeed :(

    This being Remembrance Day, I figured a remembrance-inspired theme would be appropriate (especially after watching the fantastic 8th season/series of Doctor Who), although I'm really quite eager to move on from the holidays thing. Of course, December is next. Sigh…

    Anyway, this month's topic is: How does war touch people's lives?

    I eagerly await whatever you guys come up with. Have fun :D

    Seems the main use of having multiple judges now is allowing you to participate even if you don't want to write.


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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Okay, the bad news first - this is looooong overdue.

    The good news? The October Contest is here!

    What, you were expecting an intro? Naaah, I'll just get things started. The topic is this: why are we afraid of the dark?

    Happy Halloween >:D

    It's Dark by User:DepressingCloud

    Indirect Fear by User:Avetzan1

    Why We Are Afraid of The Dark by User:Sail Me Away Halarious Ocean

    Screams of Heir Stay Unheard by User:DraculaFan



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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Well, once again, here we are! Welcome to King's September 2014 Writing Contest! Sorry I'm a few days late, I got writer's block. Again.

    Anyway, this time I'm skipping the lengthy intro, because I had an idea about the writing prompt. Usually, it's a one-word theme. However, I'm gonna experiment with having more variety in the prompt. If you don't like it, I can change it back. If you do, I'll use it in the October contest and all forthcoming contests.

    So, without further ado, here it is: A ghost must solve his/her/it's own murder. As usual, interpret however you want and deadline is the end of the month. Write on :)

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  • TheReturnOfTheKing

    Hi, everybody! Me again.

    The sabbatical is over (actually, it didn't go well, and my goal of spending very little time on the iPad fell through).

    I was spending lots of time using electronics, and due to sudden changes, among them an evil fluffball which we theorize might be a dog, I didn't get to spend a much time out and about asI'd planned. Ergo, I reasoned if I was going to spend lots of time on the iPad, I might as well do something productive. Therefore, I'm going back to editing here.

    Due to the fact that August is nearly over, I will not be hosting the One-shot contest until Labour Day weekend at the earliest. If Ave's contest is still running, hopefully it will fill in. Speaking of which, how did that contest go, anyway? As a matter …

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