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Considerations of bureaucracy

OK, I think we all know that this wiki is kind of abandoned. Sure, it's got a good writing community, but the problem is that it has a lack of Admins. No Bureaucrat, no Admins, no Chat Mods, not even a Rollback. So, if were going to attract more writers and see some great stories and poems be written, I think it's obvious what we need - a staff, so we can change Community Messages and other essentials.

Now, for Bureaucrat, I'd rather nominate anybody besides myself. Heck, I still feel like I'm new here, though I guess in Internet terms I've been on the wiki for a really long time. When I joined, the previous Bureaucrat, BachLynn23, was still here, but she left only weeks later. Since then, editing has gone down rapidly and people have come and gone. I don't know why I stayed, to be honest. Maybe I just loved the stories. Maybe I liked writing them. Maybe it's the beautiful wallpaper. But I'm probably the only one here who's been dedicated to the wiki for so long. Therefore, if we're appointing a Bureaucrat, I guess that it should be me.

To appoint myself Bureaucrat, I'm not totally clear on the procedure, but I believe it involves contacting Wikia staff and making an adoption request. I'll do so as soon as I have the agreement of the majority of the community. Who thinks I should be Bureaucrat of the Creativity Unleashed Wiki?

UPDATE: I am now in charge here!


Thank you all for your support. I'll try to be a good leader and bring this wiki back into a golden age. In the meantime, bedtime's coming in my time zone, so 'til tomorrow, sionora.

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