Hello, people! This is your tyrannical emperor  beloved leader, TheReturnOfTheKing, here to bring you the latest Monthly One-shot Story Contest! (Apllaud loudly)

The results for the January contest are Experiment 345 as the winner. Yay! The theme for this month is, in (belated) celebration of Groundhog Day, Darkness. 

Ya know, shadows? Groundhog, shadow, six weeks of winter?

You can interpret the word however you want. Due date is the 28th. (Or maybe the 29th. Is it a leap year?)

Anyway, have fun and make something interesting.

UPDATE: The contest is now over. But don't worry if you didn't enter, the March one will start soon-ish.

UPDATE AGAIN: The winner is: Darkness, by DraculaFan! It was horrifying o_0

It's decided, next contest I'm making the topic something happy.



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