I'm worried about Karikamiya. We lost contact with her at the same time as a major earthquake hit her country, the Philippines. I just want to know if she's alright. Does anybody have any info about her? Anybody know her from outside the wiki? Please, this is really scary. I want to know if there's any way to help her. Where is she?

UPDATE: As if the people of the Phillipines haven't suffered enough, now they're being hit by a massive typhoon. They're saying it's the largest typhoon in history. The majority of the country is being inundated and battered. If Kari is alright, then she could be in the middle of an immense natural disaster.

Odds are that we haven't got any info from her because she simply lost Internet connection, or maybe she got bored of the wiki or is simply too busy. But if not, if she might be in actual trouble, I say the least we can do is help. Due to the sheer scale of this typhoon, no doubt it's going to be receiving a great deal of media coverage, so if anyone can find out where to donate, could you tell me in the comments? It seems that's really all we can do, send support across the Pacific and hope it reaches her. Thank you.

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