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King's July 2014 Writing Contest

My 1000th edit! Woo-hoo!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the July 2014 Writing Contest! A couple of announcements. First of all, I now officially have competition - Ave has just launched his own monthly writing contest, one which is more organized than mine by a long shot :P

Seriously, go check it out. Of course, the main goal of both contests is fighting writer's block and having fun. At all times, that should be the priority. Also, I FINALLY GET TO ENTER MY OWN STORIES :D :D :D :D

(Starts partying)


Secondly, just as a warning, I might not be here much over the coming months. Here in Canada, it's summer, and I'm planning to reduce my screentime a bit so I can enjoy the occasion. Therefore, updates contest-wise might be a little slower, and my (feeble) attempts to increase the wiki's population are being put on hold. (OK, that last part came a few months too late :P )

Thirdly, last month's winner. I almost forgot! It's pretty much a toss-up between Inferno by Ave and When My Castle Crumbles by Drac. However, the interpretation of fire by the latter is so novel, includes so many layers of meaning, that I couldn't help but decide to give her the prize. Congratulations, Drac!

Anyway, I suppose it's time to get on to the contest proper. What kind of theme should we have, I wonder…

Wonder. Wonder! Great idea! Like, seriously, I didn't even plan for that, it just came to me while I was typing.

Very well, this contest's theme is Wonder. Without further ado, sharpen your (mostly imaginary) pencils and get writing!


Insert here.

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