Thanks for your patience in not getting fed up while I procrastinated this contest into oblivion. I have now decided to get on with it and launch this month's contest.

First of all, I have changed the title again. I'll probably continue to do so until I'm satisfied with it. Secondly, last month's winner was Programmed to Fight by Freelancer Tucker. Nice job once again, Tuck! Finally, I'm just gonna skip the general pomp and circumstance this time around, as I'm too tired to write one of my long-winded intros. The theme for this month, in light of the fact that summer is no longer a distant goal on the horizon but a very real, very near fact, is Warmth. Interpret however you want, you know the jazz. Good luck, and the may the fourth be with you! Oh wait, it's a bit late for that pun. How sad :(


Freelancer Tucker


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