Well, here we are again. It's a new month. You may have noticed one, or both, of two things. Firstly, I've changed the title. After all, it's not exactly a one-shot story contest, I've realized, mainly because a lot of the entries have been finished over long periods of time. Especially mine :P

Therefore, it is now an Independent Story Contest (ISC).

Secondly, up in the northern hemisphere, something has changed. March is over, that month which is said to come in like a lion and exit like a lamb. Blades of grass slashed through waves of snow, relentlessly falling from the sky to steal the life from the frozen soil below, and branches covered in buds and blossoms reach out to slash at the clouds full of frozen water to let the rays of the sun breach through and thaw the Earth. Put less poetically, it's SPRING!!



In celebration of this mind-blowing, seemingly impossible yet annual triumph, this month's theme is Victory. As per the norm, interpret however you want. Due date is April 30th.

Last month's winner was Of Gods And Monsters by Freelancer Tucker. Great job, Tuck!




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