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    'Dead Ends' Collaboration

    September 8, 2011 by TheWiseOne

    Thank you all, but we have our writers! We will assign chapters soon!

    Recently I was watching 2009's Sherlock Holmes and I got the inspiration to write a story similar. Mystery, a little comedy and of course, action. So then I remembered that when I write, I tend to get lazy about it (Shocker, hey?) and sometimes even forget (Again, shocker?).

    So I decided to ask my very good friend, Nhlott what he thought about it. He was very enthusiastic about it and he and I decided to write it together. But then I realized that it would take lots of time and effort to write all the chapters and such. And so, we need writers.

    The writers that we need, have to have an edgy twist to their writing. The story is quite morbid which is right in my comfort zone, b…

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