Thank you all, but we have our writers! We will assign chapters soon!

Recently I was watching 2009's Sherlock Holmes and I got the inspiration to write a story similar. Mystery, a little comedy and of course, action. So then I remembered that when I write, I tend to get lazy about it (Shocker, hey?) and sometimes even forget (Again, shocker?).

So I decided to ask my very good friend, Nhlott what he thought about it. He was very enthusiastic about it and he and I decided to write it together. But then I realized that it would take lots of time and effort to write all the chapters and such. And so, we need writers.

The writers that we need, have to have an edgy twist to their writing. The story is quite morbid which is right in my comfort zone, but may not be fore others. The setting is dark and cold. Think about the poor times in England in the 19th century. Here's the best synopsis that I can give at the moment:

"In England, 1889, an Scottish detective, Charles Barns is at his best. After the recent solving of a series thefts and a murder by an escaped convict named Morty Templeton, Charles is seen as the best in London. When a friend tips him off about small murders in the lower area of the city, Charles brushes it off and starts working on another case. But when a body is found literally torn to pieces, Charles reconsults his lead. When he looks into it, he finds that these murders aren't small. Each of the bodies have been killed in the same ways: a mix of blood loss, poison or some kind of toxin and horrific mauling. When Charles informs the chief, Quincy Chamberlain, he advises Charles to seek the aid of an old frined of the chief's, Victor di Morti.

Will Charles prevail in catching the murderer or murderers?

Who really is Victor di Morti and what is he hiding?

And why does Victor seem to have some sort of strange connection to these murders?"

Well, that's all I got for ya! If you're interested, leave a comment! We'll take as many as we can for now, but we'll decide on a definate number as soon as possible. Now a message fro our sponsors!

Just kidding, it's for the writers! Here it is:

You may have one original character that only you control. For the writers, please post ideas.

Our Writers:

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