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  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am weird.
  • Thepersonyouleastexpect

    Okay I have no idea why I'm writing this exactly. Well, I do. I need your opinion on something. Okay, well in my Chinese class at school, we have to do a project about our family and apparently I need a name tag type thing. Well, I've made two and can't make my mind up. Each of them has my Chinese name in characters on it. I just can't decide! Please help.

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  • Thepersonyouleastexpect

    Well, two weeks until my birthday! And guess what day is it! Friday the 13th! Yay! Gonna have spider web cupcakes! Ooo! And I can't wait until June 7th because the next book in the way below my level, Dork Diaries comes out! It's like 5th grade level and I'm 12th grade level...! Here's the cover:

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  • Thepersonyouleastexpect

    Yeah, I get excited over, odd, things.

    Okay, so recently, I went to B&N and got 4 new books, here they are in no particular order:

    The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel. 10.00$

    The Dangerous Days of Daniel X 8.00$

    No Passengers Beyond this Point 17.00$


    Moon Over Manifest. 17.00$

    And guess what all four of those cost?

    Over. 50. Dollars.

    Even more in Canada.

    Shall add covers later!

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  • Thepersonyouleastexpect

    AHHHHH!!!! I am so tempted to start another story even tho I have three incomplete ones!!!!! AHHH!!!

    Maybe I should just give the idea away.

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  • Thepersonyouleastexpect



    MUWA HA HA HA! Tis Typle and or Australia!

    *Stares into space*

    Woaaaaaaaa double rainbow!

    My cat is a poster model. I am serious.

    Theres a bear in my room.

    Shun the non believers shhhhhhuuuuuunnnna

    You're just a constant downer huh?

    Starfish loves you!

    Fredward, hiss!

    I think Chris Angel is weird....

    Fushigi! Is tupid....

    Green like my mini van like my mini van (tho I'm not old enought to drive)

    Ring ring.


    Ring ring.


    Ring ring.


    Ring ring

    Would you shut up already?!?

    Ring ring.



    OMJ (Oh My Josh/Thecomputernerd01)

    And more random stuff that just had to go on a blog post!

    Feel free to comment about weird things. Peace out home dogs!

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