Hello, I am a new user who is interested in joining this wiki. I am fairly experienced in writing stories and I am very creative. I am currently thinking of adding one of two story arcs in this wiki.

"The Traitor" A story taking place in a fictional world where industry has caused a dark plague to engulf all that we know. In the years to pass, the main character, a Alezandr Karvo, is framed for the death of the Queen of the Empire. He soon manages to escape only to find that much has changed in the year he was locked up.

The plague is now under control, but by means of death and oppression, the islands are in a state of industrial nightmare and Karvo is now a free man, able to do what he pleases under the new alias "The Masked One", in which he uses his skills from the army to find out who and why the Empress was murdered. Including: Two twins of crime, Industrial Thugs who want to force change by force, the corrupted officers of the "law", and so much more.

The Second One

"Extra-Ordinary: The Tales of Heath Carter": Is a series about a man, Heath Carter, who after his family and him lose all their money in a ponzi scheme, runs away. As he runs, he finds the small town of Raven Falls, Colorado and a deep secret that mythical creatures and magical elements exist. And that a cult known as "The Society" wishes to destroy them, using a book that is filled with knowledge, Carter's run from the bustle to the ordinary becomes extraordinary as he finds Dwarves, Vampires, Werewolves, Cult Members and so much more as he tries to find a friend out of enemies in this town,

I don't know which one to do, anyone have any suggestions?

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