366 days.

366 days ago, it was March 5th, 2011 (or March 5th, depending on which time zone you lived in).

Today is March 6th, 2012.

I'm pleased to announce that the wiki is now one year old.

<insert amazing speech here>

Unfortunately, there's been a decline in the amount of activity and active users lately. In order to convince more users to join, so that our wiki can be as active as it was before, I'm considering requesting a spotlight for our wiki. However, in order to be eligible to be spotlighted, the wiki must meet several requirements:

  • No more than 1/5 of pages can be stubs (anything under 300 bytes in a stub)
  • No pages can be uncategorized

How can you help?

Well, first off, if any of your pages are stubs, please add more to them (just adding a picture should be good enough if the picture's large enough).

Also, please go through the list of uncategorized pages and add categories to them! However, please contact me before you add a category that doesn't exist, so that we don't have any blank categories lying around.

You can find a list of short pages here: (if the page has more than 300 bytes, it's fine)

You can find a list of uncategorized pages here:

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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